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Gaudi Decor Mouldings & Cornices For Ceilings

Mouldings are a great way to decorate your house or apartment, regardless of its style. It is a lot simpler to achieve the look now that we have decorative moulding made from polyurethane.

Excellent technical specifications, stylish design, flawless surface and well-developed details are the reasons behind the popularity that the practical and light mouldings GAUDI DECOR have gained among designers, architects and builders in many countries.

We offer you a wide selection of mouldings which was inspired by known historical stucco moulding samples. The elements of moulding collection can contribute to creating a unique style for any interior or facade of the building, as well as ensure high quality, reliability and durability.

There are more than 850 names in the GAUDI DECOR interior collection: cornices for ceiling and wall decoration, mouldings, floor skirting, mouldings for concealed lighting installation, flexible decorative elements, niches, arches, half-columns, columns of various sizes, ceiling sockets, and many other fragments of the ornament. There are all architectural styles present in our collection of molded decor.

All cornices, mouldings and floor skirting are produced in both hard and flexible versions, which is a huge plus in comparison with other manufacturers. The range of GAUDI DECOR mouldings is constantly expanding.

A wide selection of GAUDI DECOR facade decorations allows to effectively decorate the facade of your house and smallholding building. Cornices and mouldings, numerous door and casings, columns and decorative balustrades. You can choose from a wide range of facade elements which will help emphasize the beauty and individuality of your house. All the elements are resistant to temperature changes and precipitation. The lightweight of the facade decorations does not create an additional burden for the foundation of the house.

Stucco moulding decorations were the most important part of the palace decorations, as well as the houses of the nobility. In the era of mass construction, stucco-like decorations are now perceived as an architectural excess. However, even the simplest ceiling roses and laconic cornices that remained in old houses can soften the interior and make it nobler.

Today, the increase of interest in stucco decorations resulted from two reasons. First of all, about 15 years ago we first heard about the products made of polyurethane and polystyrene which manage to successfully resemble the classic stucco decorations made from gypsum, and the decoration procedure itself became simpler and faster. Secondly, now the monotonous design is replaced by a variety of modernized classic artistic or linear geometric shapes, natural colors and rounded details which delicately remind of the high income of their owners.

Using stucco-like decorations made of polyurethane is the easiest method of interior decoration, much easier than producing elements from gypsum or concrete. In the old days, stucco decorations were created by hand right on the surface of the buildings. Today, mouldings are made separately and glued to the surface. People also use the name “mouldings” for the cast parts of the facades and carved decor of the premises.

Many people think that mouldings must be white. The white color indeed conveys the amazing beauty of the intricate patterns of polyurethane decorations attached to bright walls. However, many people like stucco decor in pastel colors. In this case, the graceful lines of painted cornices and decorative borders would become a small but effective decorative element of the interior and colored stucco-like decorations would ensure a festive atmosphere.

Lately, the classic interior design and decorative polyurethane mouldings find their place not only in the old and traditional styles but also in modern collections.

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