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Interior collection

Ceiling roses

Gaudi Decor ceiling roses together with the ceiling cornices are used as the final ceiling surface decoration element. The ceiling rose conceals the points of wire connection. Together with carefully selected cornices and moldings, the ceiling rosettes finish the decoration of the house after the repairs, provide the feeling of completeness and style.

Columns and half columns

The collection of polyurethane columns and semi-columns is used as a supporting cornice element. They are used to decorate a building entrance or an entrance to the room, and also in the arched constructions or openings. Columns and semi-columns consist from a capital, a body and a base (pedestal). Ashortercolumn can be used as a pedestal for statues, vases and other decorative interior details.


A decorative polyurethane bracket can be used to frame shelves, doorways or furniture facades. Most often, brackets are used in combination with a ceiling cornice. Then they are placed along the edges or the perimeter of the entire wall under the cornice, keeping the same indents everywhere.

Corner moulding elements

Corner elements and borders are usually used to frame the ceiling plane or walls using a particular texture or ornament. When combined with the Gaudi Decor polyurethane mouldings, they can be used to create an elegant frame. The best elements of molded decorations will allow you to create a rich and complete composition.

Cornices with ornament

Polyurethane cornices are not only used for the purpose of the ceiling perimeter decoration, but also to conceal the possible of the joint between the ceiling and the walls. Every type of ceiling cornice or a group of ornaments allow to come up with an original style solution. It is possible to combine smooth ceiling cornices with the cornices with ornaments. Their durability guarantees a long life time, and the fact that they can be painted allows to successfully adjust these cornices to fit any interior. Virtually all decorative cornices with ornaments from the Gaudi Decor collection are produced in both hard and flexible versions.

Cornices without ornament

Ceiling cornices are made from the high-density polyurethane using latest technologies. When we use decorative ceiling cornices on the ceiling or the walls, we get a clear texture and completeness. A large variety of sizes and individuality of each cornice ensure the high functionality of these products. Virtually all polyurethane cornices from the Gaudi Decor collection are produced in both hard and flexible versions.

Decorative mantelpieces

Decorative framings for fireplaces cannot be used for the fireplaces with open fire.


Gaudi Decor ceiling domes give ceilings a pleasant illusion of depth and volume. Made of compacted polyurethane.

Door frames

These decorations are used for door framings. They make the doors look elegant and classy, and door texture is enhanced.


Polyurethane mouldings are used as a decorative element for wall and ceiling decoration. Mouldings divide the planes into zones (location along the perimeter of the room, creation of the frames of any shape in combination with the corner elements)
Decorative mouldings can cover the places of color transitions or finishes created using different materials. Virtually all mouldings that belong to Gaudi Decor collections are made in both hard and flexible versions.


Niches are used as a built-in molded element for the outer and inner parts of the house. The space around the niche can be filled with busts, floral arrangements or lighting.


Decorative Gaudi Decor ornaments can be used to decorate the walls or the ceiling and also as additional frames for the ceiling roses. When ornaments are used for interior design, they allow avoiding monotonous appearance and enlivening the space. At the same, introducing repetitive ornaments to the interior creates an atmosphere of stability and a unified style. In the hands of an experienced interior designer these ornaments can become a great house decoration.


Pilasters are designed for the vertical separation of the wall into functional zones. Pilasters can be also used in pairs to frame doors. With the help of pilasters you can avoid the monotonous appearance of the wall and make it a wall that has a unique style.

Skirting boards

The floor skirting is used to decorate the wall and floor joint. Inside the plinth, it is possible to lay various wires and cables. A wide plinth perfectly suits the interior of large rooms.