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The necessary tools:

  • Mitre box
  • Saw tool and serrulated hack-saw
  • A ruler
  • Glue "Connecting"(use for connecting products with each other)
  • Glue "INSTALLATION" (use for connecting products to the walls and ceiling)
  • Fine-grained sandpaper (use for removing excess of glue after hardening)
  • Puncher and tapping screws (for a concrete wall) or a hammer and nails (for brick and wooden walls)

Prior to installation:

  • Sustain elements of stucco decoration in the room established at least 24 hours to adapt the product to the room temperature.
  • Walls, ceiling and mounted items must be clean and dry.
  • Walls must be aligned.
  • Painting walls and ceilings, and also pasting wallpaper recommended to make after installation of stucco.
  • Necessary to calculate the amount of material considering the losses arising from the cutting of corners. One corner - about 10 cm. It is necessary to consider the pattern match.


  • Necessary to make a layout on the wall, using molding or ceiling cornice.
  • Drill holes in the product under the screw for connecting cornice or molding to the concrete wall. Two holes will be enough. Make preliminary marking: check space under the dowel on the wall, using the holes in the product. It is need to further fix the product more firmly to the wall and to prevent slippage at the time of drying of the adhesive.
  • Mark places cut for connecting the corners on the cornices or moldings.
  • Use mitre box to make the necessary cuts for corner joints.
  • Apply glue "INSTALLATION" on the back of the product along the edges which will be in contact with the wall and the ceiling. Evenly distribute the glue throughout the length of the cornice or molding.
  • Apply the product to the wall and stick it. Fix product with the screws. Remove any excess of glue using a spatula . Screw the screws, slightly recessed, into the ceiling cornice or molding and after 24 hours when the glue will dry, cover up the holes with putty.
  • Products can be painted a day after the installation of any paint does not contain acet.